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You have probably seen the size indicators on hangers in clothing shops. They are Mark Bric products, used in millions all over the world. When they appeared in 1971, they radically simplified the handling of clothes and were highly appreciated by manufacturers and shop assistants as well as by customers. Today we are the leading producer of size identification products to the garment industry and our line includes size markers for hangers, such as classic markers, mini markers, slipover markers, as well as rack dividers and self adhesive labels.

In 1985 Mark Bric started with display and exhibition systems by inventing Flexiframe, a light weight, inexpensive, extremely versatile and modular frame system, with a wide variety of applications, such as poster frames, display stands, backwalls, exhibition units, trade show stands, POP units etc. BannerUp, a rollup cassette for quick presentations with a unique easy banner change, was developed in 1999. And in 2003 a complete Pop-up system, SnapUp, for seamless large scale images, was introduced. Innovative product solutions are constantly added to the programme, such as literature racks (SwingUp), banner stands (MultiMaster, BannerUp Lite, Impression), banner suspension rails, reception desks etc. Our latest addition to the Mark Bric product range is ISOframe, the world´s first fully flexible trade show display system. Directed at the sign, retail and trade show industries worldwide, it is now probably the most comprehensive product range on the market for indoor displays.

The Mark Bric products are today sold through a network of distributors and dealers in over 70 countries worldwide.

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